Sparks fly in our first ever Steel Bowl Class.

I had a blast tonight teaching our first ever Steel Bowl welding class. We had super students tonight including an enthusiastic 9 year old boy who picked the welding up in no time and cruised through his project like nobody's business. I even asked his dad if he could start on Monday! That's him welding below like an old pro.


Using grade 8 heavy duty industrial washers and a MIG welder, students quickly picked up the welding techniques and had their bowls shaping together nicely. It was great to see a new welding project come to life.


In the class we were able to take the pieces and complete them, all the way through fabrication, finishing and clear coating in two hours. The bowls are ready to put fruits, and vegetables in it or even to have the bowl stand on its own as a unique piece of art.  


We finished out the bowls nicely with a mop wheel on a heavy duty die grinder. Even our young man was able to do the finish without much help. 


In the end everyone was blown away with there creation and I am so happy to have the opportunity to teach people how to weld in New York City. I am curious to see what everyone does with their cool welding project bowl. 


Here is the first steel bowl I made which holds together nicely and adds a nice touch to my kitchen counter at home. Check out our current Groupon deals going on where you can save over 50% on the Steel Bowl Welding Class as well as our 1 hour intro to welding. Hurry before the deal ends and thanks for looking!


I want to thank everyone who has taken our fun metal working classes and supported us. We are looking forward to a great year and empowering people to work with fire and steel to conquer their creative endeavors!

Lastly We are excited to have our own instructor Theo Nazz on the next episode of Forged in Fire. Don't miss him on the History Channel and you can always meet him in person at our Forged steel bottle opener class or All Metal Knife Class. Thanks for reading!