Brooklyn's Newest Welders!

For the past two weeks we’ve hosted a cohort of 11 soon-to-be-professional welders. Through the Brooklyn Metal Partnership sponsored by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, students learn to cut, grind, MIG weld and finish. They spend about 40 hours in our shop learning the basics of MIG welding. The program start by welding a cube and move on to more challenging projects. The entire program is 12 weeks long and conducted at five professional shops around Brooklyn. If you’d like more information on the program visit The Metal Partnership .

Studio Time Project - U.S.S. Monitor model steel fabrication

Meet 10 year old Chase. Chase has been studying the U.S.S. Monitor all year in his 4th grade class at P.S.110 in partnership with The Greenpoint Monitor Museum. The U.S.S. Monitor was an iron clad, steam engine war ship built by the Confederate Army during the Civil War. For Chase's end-of-the-year project, he chose to build a steel replica of the ship. Welding wasn't yet invented in 1862 and the real U.S.S. Monitor was built with rivets, not welded. Chase didn't have enough time to explore rivets so he took the modern welding approach.

In full disclosure, Chase is my kiddo and grew up in Metal Shop Fantasy Camp. Chase took the Boy Scout Merit Badge class last year, so he's been welding for a little while. Ground rules (by mom) are: no kids are allowed to operate the plasma cutter, band saw or grinders. Scott helped him with those processes.

USS Monitor - Metal Shop Fantasy Camp 1.jpg

To get started, Chase first found a 3D open source rendering of the ship on the internet. Thank you Sam D. and 3D Warehouse. Chase resized the model in SketchUp and exploded the drawing into each separate piece. Step two was turning each piece into a .dfx file that the plasma cutter could read.

We chose a pretty thin sheet of steel so that it could be bent and shaped without needing to use a bender or roller. The steel sheet is laid on the plasma cutter. Then each .dfx file is laid out in PlasmaCam, the plasma cutter software. Position the torch on the sheet, press start and watch the magic happen.

Once Chase had his individual pieces, he sanded the edges and prepped for welding. A few of the boat curves needed to be hammered to bend around the boat's haul. Scott clamped the parts down and held the pieces in place while Chase tack welded the pieces together. Scott helped with a few of the tricky, blind welds and ones that needed to be spot on accurate and shaped the gun turret into a circle.

USS Monitor Metal Shop Fantasy Camp 2 .jpg
USS Monitor - Metal Shop Fantasy Camp 3.jpg

Once welding was complete, Scott smoothed out the welds with a grinder. Chase cleaned the boat with alcohol. And boom! He's got a steel boat. With a little adult supervision, kids can really do anything. Studio time is exactly for projects like this where there's a vision and some basic welding skills but a little assistance is needed. Trick is to keep it simple.


Student work!

It sure feels great to teach people how to weld and then watch them use their creativity and put their newfound skills to use! So we just wanted to share with you some of the awesome projects our shop time students have completed on their own! I think we all can agree that there is nothing like building something from scratch with your own two hands, especially when it is your own design, which is what we are all about here at MSFC! Sign up for shop time and you too can fulfill on all of your metalworking dreams!

Come Get Your Weld On!

Camden's work

One of our lovely assistants, Camden Place, has been using his shop time wisely, coming in almost every week to practice his metalworking skills. We love to see people bring their design ideas to fruition! Just look at this lovely side table and dresser! All you need is a vision and you can make it come true in metal here at Metal Shop Fantasy Camp! Beautiful work, Camden! You can follow Camden on Instagram @camdensplace

Camden's finished hexagon table.jpg
Camden's finished console.jpg

Partnership with N.Y. Adventure Club

Metal Shop Fantasy Camp is proud to announce our partnership with N.Y. Adventure Club!

N.Y. Adventure Club is a community-driven organization that curates all sorts of tours and experiences around New York City while giving residents and visitors alike insider access to the city’s best-kept secrets, one of which, hint: is us! While the Club primarily focuses on history and storytelling, it also cultivates uniquely New York experiences.

On Sunday, May 20, participants from N.Y. Adventure Club had a uniquely N.Y. experience in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the creative heart of all that is happening here! They explored our shop and learned about our tools. They witnessed the CNC plasma cutter in action, received their very own bottle opener to take home and even got to weld! We hope to have another N.Y. Adventure Club outing in the shop in about a month's time.

We can't recommend N.Y. Adventure Club enough; not only for exclusive access to our shop, but for all your N.Y. adventure needs as well! Their tours include wonderful, memorable experiences such as a behind-the-Scenes tour at Eclectic Props, the largest film & TV prop company in NYC; Underground Manhattan, The Secret History of the Subway System; a trail hike at the Old Croton Aqueduct with rare access inside Abandoned Weir; as well as a private Japanese tea ceremony demonstration at the secret Kyoto Garden, in addition to many more. Check out their website here!

And here are some photos from the afternoon below!

Egghead Metalwork Installation - Part 2

The Art of the “Pick Up” sign. Egghead Metalwork Installation.

The Art of the “Pick Up” sign. Egghead Metalwork Installation.


3/8” steel flame cut signage. Egghead Metalwork 

Built from this drawing. Egghead Metalwork Installation - Part

Built from this drawing. Egghead Metalwork Installation - Part

Egghead Metalwork Installation - Part 1

Boy oh Boy. Installing a project in Manhattan on Saturday Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Traffic lines are short and parking is abundant! Here is a heavy duty steel counter that will be topped with a slab of terrazzo.

Ledge Detail without Terrazo

Ledge Detail without Terrazo


Completed installation of Egghead Ledge Counter metalwork. 


Steel leg detail. Completed installation of Egghead Ledge Counter metalwork.   


Lower footrest detail at base of center steel leg. Completed installation of Egghead Ledge Counter metalwork.


Steel leg detail at entrance. Egghead Ledge Counter metalwork. 


Guido McCloud installing the anchors after drilling through the tile. Installation of Egghead Ledge Counter metalwork.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Welding Class is a Success!

We are happy to announce the successful completion of our very first Boy Scout of America Welding Merit Badge class! We had a lot of fun this past weekend in this brand new class; watching these youngsters work and quickly progress to be able to weld in a couple of hours! These scouts now have an additional set of skills to add to their repertoire, and another merit badge to show for efforts. The class was such a success, we already have interest in future classes, which are now on the schedule and will start in the new year! 

Come get your weld on!

BOY SCOUT of AMERICA Welding Merit Badge - SPECIAL EVENT - NOVEMBER 18, 2017 $45

We are super excited to partner with the Boy Scouts of America to provide a special class for scouts to earn their Welding Merit Badge.

In this 2 hour workshop, scouts will get hands-on experience and learn all they need to know to earn their welding merit badge. Scouts will learn and understand:
 ·         Safety gear and precautions; first aid while welding
 ·         Proper care and storage of welding equipment and tools.
 ·         Welding terms and processes.
 ·         How to weld beads
 ·         How to weld plates together in a T joint, butt joint and lap joint.
 ·         Career opportunities in the welding industry.

TO REGISTER - Please click on the drop down menu on the schedule page for SPECIAL EVENT.

Read More

A Brooklyn Metal Partnership!

If you were not already aware, there is a great need for skilled metalworkers in the United States. That is why we at Metal Shop Fantasy Camp are so proud of what we do and love teaching others to weld! It is also why we decided to partner with other experienced metal shop owners in Brooklyn for our first ever Brooklyn Metal Partnership Training. For the past three months, nine participants took classes with Argosy Designs, WaxRax, Bott Welding & Consulting, Lee Spring and Metal Shop Fantasy Camp to learn metal fabrication and welding with the goal of catapulting them into careers in the field. Participants rapidly immersed themselves in various aspects of metalwork such as shop drawings, layout, machinery, fabrication into production, welding, and finishing.

The skills these students developed are for the real world since they have been trained by those who work in the real world each day, and they can now put these skills to work! Total Metal Resource is thus very happy to have hired two BMP students as interns and we are proud to have them on our team!






Check out our latest beauty from our weekend studio time! Former cube participant and part time shop assistant, Danny, had this beautiful piece of wood laying around that he wanted to use for a table top. Using 1" x 2" mild steel and a little bit of hard work and grit, Danny was able to cut, weld and finish the base of his table in just four hours! This is why we do what we do! Look how lovely! What do you want to make?

Spot on Spot Welding

Cool class this evening with some cool people learning to weld in New York! I had a lot of fun teaching this class tonight and everyone was thrilled with the awesomeness of bowls they welded up, polished and sealed with clear lacquer. Check out the photos below!  Pure fun metal creation possibilities!

Jeremy and Richard father and son duo spending quality time together.  


Rachel and Dwight getting crafty tonight! Great work team! 


Dwight polishing his bowl with a die grinder and a mop wheel making it shiny! 


Ajon and Juquel rocked it. She ripped through her welding the fastest I have ever seen.


Richard and Jeremy understand the importance of learning Tom make new things with their hands!  


Juquel's bowl cake out awesome!  She is rockstar!


Thanks everyone for taking our class tonight! Send us pics of what you did with your bowls! 

Hammer In!!

We had our very first Hammer In last weekend and we had a blast! It was a laid back day of fun and friends, fire, hammer, steel, and pizza!  

Check out the gallery below!

The day's kill!

Master blade-smith and instructor at Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, Theo Nazz, who just won the History Channel's most recent episode of Forged in Fire, did a demonstration and showcased some of his work. You can see more of Theo's beautiful custom blades at

Master blacksmith, Kyle McCormick, did a demonstration as well. We were very excited to have Kyle, as he has worked for such notable blacksmithing and design companies as Spirit Ironworks, Art and Anvil Liberty Inc., Argosy Designs, and also as an artist assistant to a Dumbo-based sculptor.

Nikki Ordonez also showcased her work!  Born and raised in NY, Nikki is a high end architectural fabricator who also makes art and jewelry out of scrap to give her work a textured, very raw, rustic and organic feel. Follow Nikki on Instagram at 

We also had AchesonWalsh Studios display their wares! Founded by Matt Acheson and Fergus J Walsh, AchesonWalsh Studios is a kinetic creation studio that produces high quality, hand-made, direct manipulation objects. They work from miniature worlds to arena spectacles across all mediums including theatre, film and fine art. Recent clients include Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, Amazon Studios, Radio City Music Hall and Lincoln Center. Check out their website here:

Sparks fly in our first ever Steel Bowl Class.

I had a blast tonight teaching our first ever Steel Bowl welding class. We had super students tonight including an enthusiastic 9 year old boy who picked the welding up in no time and cruised through his project like nobody's business. I even asked his dad if he could start on Monday! That's him welding below like an old pro.


Using grade 8 heavy duty industrial washers and a MIG welder, students quickly picked up the welding techniques and had their bowls shaping together nicely. It was great to see a new welding project come to life.


In the class we were able to take the pieces and complete them, all the way through fabrication, finishing and clear coating in two hours. The bowls are ready to put fruits, and vegetables in it or even to have the bowl stand on its own as a unique piece of art.  


We finished out the bowls nicely with a mop wheel on a heavy duty die grinder. Even our young man was able to do the finish without much help. 


In the end everyone was blown away with there creation and I am so happy to have the opportunity to teach people how to weld in New York City. I am curious to see what everyone does with their cool welding project bowl. 


Here is the first steel bowl I made which holds together nicely and adds a nice touch to my kitchen counter at home. Check out our current Groupon deals going on where you can save over 50% on the Steel Bowl Welding Class as well as our 1 hour intro to welding. Hurry before the deal ends and thanks for looking!


I want to thank everyone who has taken our fun metal working classes and supported us. We are looking forward to a great year and empowering people to work with fire and steel to conquer their creative endeavors!

Lastly We are excited to have our own instructor Theo Nazz on the next episode of Forged in Fire. Don't miss him on the History Channel and you can always meet him in person at our Forged steel bottle opener class or All Metal Knife Class. Thanks for reading!  

Looking for more artists to set up tables with their work at our hammer in!

Hi everyone! Happy new year!

Our upcoming hammer in has several folks booked for demonstrations, however we're pushing it back to the February 12 to better accommodate both demonstrators and visitors. So come join us on February 12 as folks demonstrate blacksmithing, knifemaking, and fabrication!

We're also looking for local artists and craftsmen to set up tables to show off and sell their arts and wares. If you are a painter, fabricator, sculptor, knifemaker, blacksmith, or artist let us know and we'll set you up!

Check out what we've been making over at the fabrication shop!

Twisted Channel Coffee Table

This custom made steel table was inspired by a unique cross-section of twisted C channel. Many hours went into converting the very organic shape into a (not-so-organic) CAD file, which in turn was used to create this natural yet organized coffee table.

An assistant builds!

You may have had the pleasure of taking a class when our lovely assistant, Mec, was helping out. We just had to share the workspace she is currently building in her back yard (with a little help from her dad). She will soon come into the shop to work on a lumber rack and a few other fixtures for it and we can't wait to see the completed project and most importantly, what she will create in her space! Just as it is for us, we hope this is an inspiration for you to get out there and build your dreams! Rock on, Mec! You can follow Mec on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

Bottle openers everywhere!

Another funtastic bottle opener class! Come join us for the next one!

Here our latest group of students and the teacher showing off their forged bottle openers! The class ended with everyone using their opener to crack open a refreshing soda - nothing like it after forging!

Sunday Funday! We're forging bottle openers and discounts

We have one more spot open for Sunday's Forge Your Own Bottle Opener Class we're looking to fill, so if anyone's been looking for a good reason to learn blacksmithing now is a great time!

Come join us for two hours of fun with fire, and hang around after to crack a few brews with your new opener!

To help promote future classes we are also offering a huge 50% discount on all gift certificates; if you or a loved one has ever wanted to learn to weld now is the time:

2016-11-06 15.50.35.jpg