Blacksmithing classes on the way!

We are excited to announce our very first blacksmithing class! In this two hour long class with blacksmith Theo Nazz, students will be introduced to the art of blacksmithing by creating their very own bottle opener to take home! Welding metal is super fun and satisfying, but heating, pounding, and forging steel into a desired shape takes it to a whole new level of metalworking excitement and satisfaction! Check out the photos from our demo below!

Once we have these intro classes off the ground, look for knife making classes where students use the techniques they learn in the intro class to forge their very own, one-of-a-kind knife!

Fire and metal, bring it on!

Make Metal, Create Happiness

Make metal, be happy! Metal Shop Fantasy Camp is where you achieve the satisfaction of building your very own creation with your own two hands! Just add metal, heat, fire and voila! In our community of metal makers, this is what we do!

One of our members, Rich Boyd, completed yet another project this month, and this time it was a Zen Garden! Close your eyes and say, "Om." We are also super proud of our shop manager, Michael Opalenski who, after about 100 hours in the shop, finally completed his pretty sweet smoker! I guess he really likes his smoked meats because this beauty was surely a labor of love!

If you are new to welding, start with our signature four hour cube class where you learn all the basics of MIG welding and preliminary finishing techniques. If you are not ready to dive right in but are just a little curious, we also have our new Intro to Welding class! In just one hour, students whet their welding appetite and obtain substantial, practical, hands-on metal learning experience by making their very own steel hook to take home! 

Whatever your level of interest or experience is, Metal Shop Fantasy Camp is your resource for fulfilling on all of your metal making fantasies! We invite you to sign up for studio time or cash in on any one of our money savings membership options to turn all of your metal making dreams into reality!

Come get your weld on!

Satisfaction guaranteed.

We have such a wide variety of people taking our classes! From nurses to computer engineers to designers to artists to lawyers, to mechanics who want to perfect their skills and everyone in between, everyone wants to feel the satisfaction of building something by hand, to say they can do it, and to be able to take home the fruits of their labors. We even taught an FBI agent! In learning to weld, satisfaction is guaranteed, it doesn't matter who you are!

In just four hours, you will receive the necessary basics of making anything in metal! Learn to prep, fit, MIG weld, and grind and make all of your metal dreams come true! 

Here are our latest participants! It brings us great joy to see these looks of accomplishment!

Sparks Fly! Brooklyn's Best Welding Experience.

Last nights welding workshop was so much fun. Thank you everyone that came out. I look forward to seeing everyone that registered for the Intro to Tig  the next time. Vitaly brought us some cool grinding disks. Check out his products at and then this really cool thread repairer. I could use one of these. 

Learning to weld is easy, fun and quick!

Everyone had a blast last night with this awesome group of people. that were eager to learn to weld. It had been a long day beforehand but I am always super-psyched to teach people how to make a cube. The great thing about making the steel cube is 

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Super Group Effort!

We had a blast welding cubes and grinding metal last Thursday! Thanks Rob for bringing out the crew from APPNEXUS! 

Where can I learn to weld in New York City?

Where do you go to learn how to weld in Brooklyn, New York? What is the best way to pick up the skills you need to be able to fabricate your greatest ides in metal? Do you want to work with steel, brass, stainless steel or maybe even aluminum? Learn from New York City's best welding instructors in the five boroughs. With more than 20 years experience in the custom architectural field, Scott Behr, the founder of Total Metal Resource, inc has created Metal Shop Fantasy Camp. Short intensive classes teach you exactly what you need to know to unleash your creativity through working with metal.

Students that have never even used a power too in their life, both women and men have successfully completed making a steel cube from 1"x1" tubing in four hours. Your experience level doesn't matter as the tricks of the trade are revealed. Students who complete the "How to Make a Cube" class are then eligible to use the shop for their own personal projects in our exclusive four hour studio time blocks. Change up your work week or weekend and get going on the welding project you have always dreamed of building in our fun, open shop environment.

Students participating in the "How to Make a Cube" class.

Students participating in the "How to Make a Cube" class.

Over 70 people have taken our introduction to welding class and have been blown away by what they were able to absorb and accomplish in such a short time. You have always wanted to work with metal and the convenient location off of the L train in East Williamsburg is a unique opportunity to try your hands at something new. You will get training in cutting, fitting, welding, grinding and polishing your work to perfection. 

Register for a class today and then push that laptop to the side and come and get your hands dirty!

Exceptionally finished cube done in 4 hours by a student who has never welded before.

Exceptionally finished cube done in 4 hours by a student who has never welded before.

The Face of Welding Accomplishment

Thanks to all of the over 50 Students that have taken  the "How to Make a Cube" class and made it such a unique success. If you want to learn how to weld quickly, this is the place for you. No need to take expensive lengthy tech school classes or University programs. You'll get the hands-on basics to be making your own projects once you master this little cube project that gives you BIG results.

KickStarter IS DONE and METAL SHOP Studio Time is here!

WooHoo! Thank you for everyone's awesome pledges and support for our first Kickstarter Campaign! We did not reach our funding goal. As it was my first KickStarter Campaign ever I did learn a lot and had a great time doing it. Metal Shop Fantasy Camp has taught over 50 people to weld this year. My goal is to make it a full time endeavor and to provide a community space where people have access to top notch welding equipment for their personal projects and expert staff. Exciting new classes and studio time have been added to the website this week and I promise you, this is the best place to learn how to weld in New York! Our Brooklyn Metal Shop is rocking hard! Please visit the Studio Time page for dates and times.

Lauren learned to weld and completed her cube in 4 hours!

Lauren learned to weld and completed her cube in 4 hours!

Arm Yourself for the Apocalypse! Metal Shop Fantasy Camp

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, where will you be? Do you want to be caught cowering in a corner—or lead a badass resistance against the undead as a Metal God among men?

Introducing Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, the only life-changing welding workshop that equips you to kick ass on Z-Day. Learn to weld in just four hours, harnessing the raw power of fire, metal, and electricity. Master the basics, complete your own project, and bring your metal creation home.

Pledge on Kickstarter and make your Metal Shop Fantasy a reality!

You don’t have to take our workshop. If you prefer your brain uneaten, though, we highly recommend it. 

See you on Z-Day—we’ll be the ones saving the world. 

Scott Behr and the Metal Shop Fantasy Camp Team


We have Moved!!

We are super excited about our new space in Bushwick. You can now find our amazing new shop at 175 Bogart Street. Glad to be done packing and unpacking. We have already had at least five or six cube classes already. Come get your weld on!

A big thank you!

We would like to again thank the very talented Mr. James Jones. He shot the awesome Metal Shop Fantasy Camp video for us, and it's getting a lot of traction. Visit his site to check out other videos he's done!

So many happy faces!

We had a great time at Metal Shop Fantasy Camp last week. There was a first date, and man who brought his fiancé on a date, and even some of our own TMR staff!

It was very exciting from a visitor's perspective to watch the progress as students learned to handle the equipment and work on assembling and finishing their cubes. In many ways, it was like watching a kid on Christmas, seeing the amazement in their eyes as the project came together.

Though I did not actively participate, i still learned a lot. Now I'm ready to sign up to build my own cube!

TMRnyc’s Scott Behr Talks with The Fabricator® on Metalworking, Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, and Why People Love Tools

It’s dream-come-true day for TMRnyc. 

We’re pleased to announce our debut in The Fabricator®—North America's leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry. And call us biased, but they made some pretty great observations:

“[Scott] Behr has found that many people he meets or knows are fascinated with what he does for a living, and it’s easy to understand why. TMRnyc has made its mark in the various boroughs of New York City… [with] high-profile, signature projects, including the Chobani SoHo storefront; Sprinkles Cupcakes in Manhattan; and the Shinola flagship store in Tribeca.”

Featured as a “Fab Story” on the coveted back page, the 800-word article spans some favorite TMRnyc projects, the inception and success of Metal Shop Fantasy Camp, and what’s so attractive about learning a trade (or dabbling in it). Scott offers some choice insight:

“…many people grow up nowadays not knowing how to do things, and I think using tools is a basic instinct that we have as humans. I think most people have a curiosity about working with tools.”

Thanks to The Fabricator®, and writer/associate editor Amanda Carlson for featuring TMRnyc! To read the entire article, buy the January issue of The Fabricator®, or check it out online.

Blizzard Weekend Gets Melted Down

It was a fantastic day in Metal Shop Fantasy Land today. Happy New Year Everyone! Thank you to Ben and Euralis for coming out and braving the cold. A special thank you to Michelle David today for assisting and being awesome.