Make your own project

Metal Shop Fantasy Camp would not be complete if you have nowhere to go after learning these fresh new skills. All Campers that have completed the introductory welding class "How to Make a Cube" are eligible to purchase four hour blocks of studio time, taking on projects that YOU want to build. Now that you have mastered using the bandsaw,  know how to prep and fit material, how to MIG weld, grind and finish your projects, you are ready to be unleashed and let your creativity soar. And to think you learned all of that and completed a project in 4 hours.

  • Studio time is by appointment only. Please contact

  • Cost is $110.00 per 4 hour time blocks.

  • Experienced personnel on-hand to guide you with your project and help

  • Register in advance to reserve your time slots.

  • Inquire about purchasing Materials and Finishing Supplies for your projects.

  • Projects are limited to personal ones. In other words, we don't mind if someone is going to buy what you are making but this isn't an opportunity to run a big commercial metalwork project through the shop.